"I bring a wealth of experience and am proud to offer uncompromising integrity to my Notary practice." 

Cheryl Vavra,  Notary Public, BCom

About Cheryl from Notaries in Sooke

CHERYL WAS COMMISSIONED as a Notary Public on May 7, 2009 and opened "Notaries in Sooke" the following year (after an extended period of articling).  Prior to this period, Sooke-ites had to travel to Victoria to seek the services of a member from  The Society of Notaries Public of British ColumbiaPresently, I am one of the many Notaries Public who practice in Southern Vancouver Island. 

EACH AND EVERY DAY, I enjoy making a positive contribution to the community of Sooke, BC.  My clients can expect meticulous preparation of documents and the fair pricing of a small town.  Living and working in Sooke has always been a dream of mine and I am finally living the dream! 

I LOVE SOOKE and I love being able to assist my clients with their Estate and Personal Planning documents.  I get a great deal of satisfaction when the elderly attend my office to prepare estate planning documents.  Usually they are very hesitant and worried when they arrive.  I will give them extra time and make sure they are comfortable before we move onto some potentially emotional topics.

ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION, my elderly clients comment that they are so "relieved" or "happy" that their Estate or Personal Planning Documents are finally in place for their loved ones.  My career as a Notary Public is really rewarding on so many different levels.

MY EDUCATION and business background --  including banking, real estate, product sales and small business --  leads me to this fine profession of preparing Estate and Personal Planning documents.

Formal Education:

SAUNDERS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS  at UBC - The Notaries Public Preparation Course (2009)

BACHELOR OF COMMERCE (BCom) in Entrepreneurial Management from Victoria's Royal Roads University (2004). The degree provided valuable expertise in accounting, finance, marketing, business law, international business, strategy, communication, and entrepreneurial expertise.

JUSTICE ADMINISTRATION DIPLOMA from Calgary's Mount Royal College (1982).

"I am very honored to be able to serve as a Notary Public in the wonderful west coast community of Sooke, B.C. I love my profession and I love my amazing and beautiful town"



Current Memberships:

 Member: Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia (SNPBC)

Member: BC Notaries Association (BCNA)

Member: World Organization of Notaries Public (WON)

Member and Past Treasurer (2009-2014): Sooke Community Development Association (SCDA)

BC Notaries Logo - Aug 2003 - RGB

Continuing Education:

ATTENDENCE at BC Notaries Association (BCNA) and Society of Notaries Public (SNPBC) Continuing Education and conferences. (Notaries Public in BC, by law, are required to meet specific education requirements each fiscal year.)

  WILLS ESTATES AND SUCCESSION ACT "The New Rules" CONFERENCE (Nov 2013). The laws which govern Wills changed as of April 1, 2014. All legal providers must familiarize themselves with the new legistlation, as it will affect how we draft up our client's Wills, before and after this date.

  FINTRAC WORKSHOP (Nov 2014) - Overview of compliance requirements for federal anti-money laundering regulations. 

EXECUTOR CERTIFICATION and ESTATE ADMINISTRATION WORKSHOP (2012): This course provided practicing Notaries with the information they require to offer professional estate management services to the public. This service now covered by Society of Notaries Public of B.C. insurance coverage.

RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE CONFERENCE (2012): B.C.'s top real estate lawyers discussed the latest relevant and current developments impacting the industry.

INTENSIVE MEDIATION WORKSHOP (2007): Skills learned to resolve disputes in order to negotiate a settlement.